May 10, 2016


​​Brought my audi in for diagnostic on mmi system…breaks frequently …was told by my regular mechanic at that Pinnacle could check it out. After a few days, a very nice man told me the MMI was working at the time and he could not check it until it was broken…hard to drive 50 miles when that happens as it cuts in and out frequently…but he charged me $245.00 for the time and offered me an additional list of services to be performed for another $950.00…which I declined because I usually get those things done at the nice mechanics that recommended Pinnacle to me. ( Didn’t think it was good business to move $1,000 of business from my reliable mechanic). PS: While I wouldn’t do it, it might be an idea for pinnacle to offer a credit of the $245 as a discount on the larger services. Just a suggestion. Also, consider not taking business from a referring mechanic…not a good relationship builder all around.

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