Gil R. ​August 7, 2009

This place specializes in German cars (Porsche, BMW, MBs, etc).  My experience was servicing my BMW for brakes but it turned out that it needed more things.  Keep in mind that my car is 13 years old with most things original parts.  I knew stuff was just breaking down and they did point that out.They provide a “free” vehicle inspection (fluids, tires, brakes, etc.) I give them credit for pointing out the safety items that needed to be replaced and they were not too pushy with the other “non safety” items.  I guess it’s their place to provide me the option to replace.  They are transparent with their prices (parts and labor). The shop itself is very professional for an “independent”.  They know who their customer base is.  When I was there, a couple of Porsches were on lifts and a number of other Audis, BMW, and Mercedes were parked along the property.  None of the cars looked “old”.  They have complimentary loaner cars (needs to be scheduled out)- I was given the BMW.  When I went, the labor rate was in the mid 90s. Overall I’m satisfied with my experience.  I think they are a very good alternative to the dealer.  It seems they are thorough with their work which translates to “options” for the vehicle owner to decide.

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