Chris Pott April 16, 2019

So just to follow up, wow!

I was all prepared to not really feel a difference except for whatever psychological *need* I’d have for feeling one. You know, like when you install a questionable modification like a cheap intake “upgrade” or something, and fool yourself into thinking it did something when it really didn’t do much. 

But NO! The difference is real, and kind of dramatic. Car is much more eager and responsive at high revs, and pulls much harder when putting your foot in it in a high gear when maybe you should really downshift, like a highway overtake in 5th or 6th gear. It seems to be smoother too, and (maybe this part is my imagination) even seems to sing a sweeter note. 

My butt dyno tells me we might have reclaimed 30hp or so. But I should note my butt dyno has not been professionally calibrated. lol

Anyway, thanks, really a night and day difference. Honestly they should design direct injection engines so this isn’t necessary, but regardless I’m incredibly happy with the results. 

Oh and the new Michelins are amazing too. Incredible how each successive generation of high performance tires gets so much better. I don’t know how they keep finding so much room for improvement in a hunk of rubber, but they do. 

Thanks again!

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